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It all started with an idea to fix something other than tape on the back of a handball sport shoe that would give players safe and easy access to the wax. Of course we wanted something that looks cooler than regular tape and at the same time prevents large deposits of unused wax in case of direct contact. This idea evolved to a father-and-son project to develop the product. Since both had played handball they knew what kind of features were needed and, together with the development team, development proceeded. After just a few months the first prototypes were made and tested. Since we weren’t fully satisfied we continued with development and in a further few months the second stage prototypes were produced and, again tested. Development didn’t stop there and after a full year of testing and a few rounds of prototypes we had a final product. Or so we thought. During the intensive testing we discovered one or two weaknesses of the product and once again we needed a few more months to develop and test brand new prototypes.

Once we were fully happy with our product we made inquires about the tooling costs for mass production. Quickly we realized that tooling costs were way over our budget and for a brief while we put the project aside. Then we realized that the project was perfect for support from Kickstarter. With the help of friends we started shooting video, creating a website and other publishing sites to bring the project to life. And now here we are!


The WaxOn team is a collection of ex-handball players, a handball coach, active handball players, designers, friends and relatives. What unites us is that we all are passionate about our project and dedicated to perfection. We are based in Slovenia (Ljubljana).

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