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Waxon handball set

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WaxOn is a product, developed specifically for handball players, in which to keep handball wax. Filled with wax and attached to the back of their sport shoes the WaxOn ensures that wax is readily available to players during a game. Attaching the WaxOn is easy - it only needs to be spread apart and pushed on to the heel of the player's shoe.

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WaxOn is designed to ensure that wax won't spread on to the floor in a case of direct contact. That means no more large stains of unused sticky wax. It is designed to be attached to either the left or right heel since it has two small bays in which the wax can be carried.

To ensure that the WaxOn stays in place, even in the case of standard hard impacts, it can be further affixed with specially designed straps.

10x WaxOn BBB

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